Expertise in Voluntary CO2 Reduction Projects

International voluntary carbon market has experienced in the last years an increasing trend as a result of understanding the need to develop sustainable development programs in poor areas or less favored regions by the voluntary involvement of different actors (companies, institutions, governments , etc.).

Voluntary CO2 emissions credits derived from voluntary projects, which reduce or save greenhouse gas emissions as a result of carrying out specific activities.

There are few international standard organizations that certify and issue voluntary carbon credits, the most famous being Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard and the Climate Action Reserve.

Carbon Expert offers consultancy  in the development of projects for obtaining voluntary carbon allowances (VER and VCU) to companies active in renewable energy (wind , solar , biomass , bio-gas , hydro), recycling plastics and aluminum and many other types of activities that generate CO2 savings or reductions.

Carbon Expert also provides consulting services abroad for voluntary greenhouse gas emission reduction projects in Africa (“Cook stove project” in Malawi and  “Water Benefit Project”).

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint generated by activities that you carry out?

Please contact us in order to guide you on how is the best way in achieving this.


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