Lamps and LED Lighting Systems

We bring efficient light in 21st century

We live for LIGHT in all its facets. From its creation inside of crystals to the guidance of blue photons out into the phosphors of LEDs and right through to the design of light engines that illuminate your luminary and bring light into your home and life.

We represent one of the fastest growing players within the European LED lighting market and one of the few vertically integrated manufacturers for LED components, LED lamps and luminaires worldwide. The company is a leader in LED technologies with innovative, cost efficient and high quality lighting modules.

Optogan has its production site in Saint Petersburg, Russia and Sales and Marketing Representative in Ergolding (Munich), Germany. The international team of more than 200 professionals takes a positive approach to challenges and uses its expertise to combine the worlds of physics and energy efficiency with cost-effective production technologies and environmental responsibility.

Our Core Strengths are the followings:
• Best LED solutions for highest return of invests (ROI • 5W-720W High Power Chip-On-Board (COB) solutions
• Innovative, energy efficient and environment friendly products
• Highest quality and very competitive pricing

The company has a research center in Skolkovo, Russia where aerospace projects are being conducted. The company currently holds 27 international patents in the field of LED. Optogan produces it’s LEDs based on a technology developed by the famous physician Zhores Alferov , the Nobel winning prize for physics in the year 2000, for epitaxial growth of semiconductor crystals.

Our main products lines are the followings:
• 1 W LEDs
• 5 – 500 W high power COBs
• Light and classic luminaries with LEDs
• LED lighting systems on various applications
Our main success factors are the velocity and flexibility of a medium sized company with excellent skills and high quality technical assistance.

Commercial activity includes the sale of components and LED modules and installing lighting systems with LED lamps and classic luminaries.
Our team of professionals positively accepts any challenge and uses its expertise to combine the world of physics, energy efficiency and efficient production technology with environmental responsibility.
Our LED experts clearly differentiate themselves through their innovative ideas, outstanding technical knowledge and strong customer orientation.

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