School for Everybody

The “School for Everyone” Project is developed in a very poor area of the world, West Africa, in Malawi – Matandani town.

Over 40% of the population in Malawi, mostly house-wives, live below the poverty line. Agriculture is the main source of income, but cultivable land is unequally distributed, and crops are vulnerable to drought. Education System in Malawi is very low, although this is the only chance for local people to improve their livelihood.

Our project is developed at the Vocational School of Matandani, located at 100 km from Blantyre, the capital of this country. Carbon Expert together with several other donors sponsor a Romanian family who has moved in Matandani, since November 2011. This family currently manages the vocational school and supervise its rehabilitation.

Since Romanians moved in Matandani, the number of students increased by 5 times: from 50 students in 2011 at approx. 250 at present, of which approx. 200 students are in boarding school, coming from distant poor regions.

Please see here photos of the newly renovated Matandani campus together with images from villages nearby where we try to offer our little help to local population.

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Besides continuing the construction of rehabilitation and providing primary needs for students, Carbon Expert supports the following CO2 emission reductions voluntary projects:

  • Making sewerage and water drain channels for the school from Matandani ("Water Benefit Project")

  • Cook-Stoves manufacture in the school and their distribution in the region ("Cook-Stoves Project")

If you would like to help this project, please contact us:, +4 0744 760 710


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