SWAP Trades

SWAP is the exchange of EUAs allowances in CERs (Certified Emissions Reductions ) or ERUs (Emissions Reductions Units). CERs and ERUs are international credits set by CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) and JI (Joint Implementation) – Kyoto Protocol Mechanisms.

According to EC Directive 2003/87/EC, operators may use CERs and ERUs from project activities up to a percentage of at least 11 % from allocations determined for the period 2008-2020 or 2008-2012, taking into account the highest amount.

Aircraft operators may also use credits up to a maximum amount corresponding to a percentage of 1.5 % of yearly verified emissions for the compliance period 2013-2020.

EUAs echange into international Kyoto credits (CERs and ERUs) is done by selling EUAs at a higher price and buying CERs or ERUs at a considerably lower price. Both ETS installations and airlines can take advantage of this current opportunity.

The advantage of the SWAP transaction is the price difference between EUAs and CERs or ERUs , called “SPREAD”. This price difference generates significant cash entry for your company.

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