Equal Opportunities for Everyone

Carbon Expert supports Equal Opportunities for Everyone” project, organized by “Your Chance” Association. Casiana Fometescu, executive director at Carbon Expert, is a Board member of this NGO, following the proper organization of social and humanitarian projects.

The project “Equal Opportunities for Everyone” aims at building and developing shelters in Romania’s regions for young people, leaving social care centers. The pillar project can be expanded to other regions of the country.

Statistically speaking, Romania has approximately 74,000 children (out of a total of 4.6 million children under 18) in state care, and 26,599 children are raised in orphanages, most between the ages of 14 and 17 years. Approximately 2,000 young people leave annually the orphanages.

Each year, a large number of young people leave Romanian orphanages where they were raised. Most of them do not have well-formed skills and independent living skills, do not know how to communicate properly or how to manage their resources and to look for a job. If we add the fact that they do not have a roof upon their head, we see that young people around 18 years have a very good chance to remain in the street or go in the prison system.

Tothis purpose, we opened a social center in Bilciuresti, Dambovita county thanks to the financial support of Helmut Schlotterer from Marc Cain. More than 60 poor children and young people can benefit now from education, professional advice and a hot meal at the social center.

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