EU Funds in Romania

European funds for SMEs , NGOs or other various sectoral and regional programs always create rumors on the effective implementation of these non-reimbursable grants in a fair manner.

Carbon Expert aims to help you in your quest to access these grants, and to ease your application process for funding, based on professionalism and project experience.

If you want to access European funding, you should know that, in general, it is necessary to have the money to implement activities or technologies required for subsequent payments to be made as grants.

Although European funding increased in terms of value granted, their absorption can be improved if  submitted projects are viable and effective.

Carbon Expert offers consulting services in getting EU funds for SMEs, NGOs, as well as educational, religious institutions  etc. through accessing various lines of financing and key areas of action: POAT, POS DRU, POS CCE, POR, POS Environment etc.

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