With Us, Environmental Permits are Easier to Obtain !

Carbon Expert is the specialist you need in your work related to environmental protection, as required by the Romanian legislation.

Our experts, certified by the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, are enrolled in the National Registry of Environmental Protection Studies.

Carbon Expert elaborates your company or institution environmental reports, environmental balance audits as well as environmental impact assessment reports, documents which are required to obtain environmental permits and authorizations.

Drafting environmental report must meet the content requirements of current legislation (OG 1076/2004) since the report is part of the documentation of plans or programs that identify, describe and evaluate possible significant environmental effects as a result of their application and it is done in the environmental assessment process, which aims to obtain environmental approval for plans and programs .

Developing environmental balance is necessary for either environmental permit or renewal thereof, or to environmental obligations, for situations involving change of ownership of business, the company liquidation etc. According to legal requirements (OM 184/1997), the environmental balance needs to meet explicit legal requirements, depending on the type of balance .

Environmental balance is the document that contains the elements of the technical analysis that yields information on the causes and consequences of negative previous, current and anticipated cumulative  activities that have an actual impact on the environment. If the environmental balance identifies a significant impact on the environment, it is necessary to make a risk assessment.


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