Green Certificates

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The Green Certificates Market in Romania is regulated by the Law 220/2008 for promoting energy production from renewable energy sources and the Emergency Ordinance no. 57/2013, transposing into the national legislation the European Commission’s proposal on 2020 climate and energy targets, known as 20-20-20 (“2020 Climate and Energy Package”).

According to these legislative regulations, Romania must reach in 2020 the national electricity production target of 20% from renewable sources. Green Certificates received by producers of electricity from renewable sources are documents that certify an amount of 1 MWh of electricity produced by them. The number of certificates granted is different depending on the technology or the field (wind, solar, biomass, bio-gas, hydro), according to legislative acts mentioned above.

Trading of green certificates is done on OPCOM platform market and subject to the Regulation regarding the organization and functioning of Green Certificates Market, set by ANRE Order no. 15 / 2005.

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