Energy Efficiency means CO2 Credits

Do you know that any energy efficiency process can be translated into CO2 reductions or savings, which can get CO2 credits or certificates – intangible goods that can be transformed into money on the international voluntary market?

Being competitive means always be one step ahead of all others.

Carbon Expert offers advice in developing certification projects needed to get voluntary credits (VER and VCU) for companies active in the following fields:solar-power-pros-and-cons-L-OnC5K0

  • renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass, bio-gas, hydro)
  • plastics recycling
  • aluminum recycling
  • bio-fuels production
  • all types of activities, which save or reduce CO2 emissions.

Currently, Carbon Expert offer advising services to three Romanian voluntary projects under certification process with Gold Standard – Switzerland and Verified Carbon Standard – USA. These CO2 voluntary emission reduction projects are unique in Europe and will pave the way to obtain voluntary carbon certificates ( VER and VCU ) in this region.

Do you work in one of these fields or develop other energy efficiency projects? Or do you want to reduce your carbon business footprint?

Contact us to find out how you can benefit from CO2 certificates/credits other than green certificates!


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