Ideal Alternative Conflict Resolution

Nowadays , the conflicts have become “a modus vivendi”, although we wish and hope for a peaceful life.

One way to solve conflicts amicably is mediation.

We offer mediation services, mainly, in the economic field. But we are open to discuss your specific issues if something else is needed.

Our main areas of expertise in mediation are the followings:

  • EnergyMediere Casiana Fometescu
  • Environment Protectio
  • Carbon Market
  • Capital Market
  • Finance – Banks
  • Regions and Local Public Authorities
  • Commodities Evaluations
  • Equities & Securities Evaluations
  • Civil and Public Constructions etc.

Our mediators are people who understand the specific needs of each partner in a relationship conflict, including conflicts of complex nature.

Genuine psychologists and connaisseurs of Romanian and international economic reality, our mediators remain objective and neutral, so that a mediated solution will satisfy you to the highest degree possible.

For more information, please contact:   Tel. +40 744 760 710
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