A Warm Chance, Romania

“The Warm Chance” campaign is dedicated to homeless people in Bucharest. Since 2012, over 1,500 homeless people (children, young people, poor families with many children and old people) have been receiving food, cloths, and an encouraging word from volunteers. 

Equal Opportunities for Everyone, Romania

The project “Equal Opportunities for Everyone” aims at building shelters in Bucharest and Ilfov region for young people, leaving social care centers. The pillar project can be expanded to other regions of the country.

School for Everybody, Malawi

The “School for Everybody” project is taking place in a very poor area of the world, West Africa, in Malawi. Our project is developed at the Vocational School of Matandani, located at 100 km from Blantyre, the capital of this country.

Let’s Learn to Read, Uganda

Carbon Expert aims to helping poor children without access to education. In addition to scholarships that we offer in Romania,  we would like to present you the situation in Uganda one of the poorest countries in West Africa.

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