Exceptional CO2 Expertise

Carbon Expert is the professional you need for your activities and transactions related to greenhouse gas emissions.

Being competitive means always be one step ahead of the others.

Carbon Expert team offers you deep understanding of international carbon market mechanisms and trends as well as market opportunities of voluntary emissions markets by reducing the carbon footprint generated by the activities you undertake.

Since we actively participate in United Nations Conferences on Climate Change, we better understand the developments and opportunities in this field, medium and long term. We would like to share with you any news related to environment issues, such as greenhouse gas emissions or CO2 emissions at European and international level (UNFCCC, emerging carbon markets – China, Australia, South America etc.) or voluntary carbon markets.

We also offer advice on choosing  trading options for CO2 credits or carbon certificates and on implementing of energy efficiency projects, including high efficiency LED lighting projects, as well as projects developed to get voluntary credits for companies active in renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass, biogas, hydro), recycling plastics and aluminum and many other types of activities, which save or reduce CO2 emissions.

Our experts certified by the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Climate Change can develop for your company environmental reports, environmental audits, and environmental impact reports, which are needed for environmental permits.


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