The price of the EUA certificate

This morning 08.12.2020, the ICE ECX exchange in London opened with € 29,69 / tCO2. Last Friday, 04.12.2020, the EUA price reached the threshold of 30 € / tCO2. Unfortunately, following the announcement of the European Commission in 18.11.2020, by which the free allocation for 2021 will possibly delay a few months after compliance, we expect a difficult situation for EU ETS companies that have to buy EUA certificates. As a result, polluting companies can no longer get cash to buy the necessary compliance certificates for 2020 from the sale of future allocations. We recommend that you check the financial capabilities so that you can buy the CO2 certificates until 30.04.2021 at a price that is approaching the threshold of 30 € / tCO2 as we do not expect it to decrease.

Pollution in the EU

Fewer deaths linked to pollution

The new EEA analysis is based on the latest official air quality data from more than 4 000 monitoring stations across Europe in 2018.
EU, national and local policies and emission cuts in key sectors have improved air quality across Europe, the EEA report shows. Since 2000, emissions of key air pollutants, including nitrogen oxides (NOx), from transport have declined significantly, despite growing mobility demand and associated increase in the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions. Pollutant emissions from energy supply have also seen major reductions while progress in reducing emissions from buildings and agriculture has been slow.

Thanks to better air quality, around 60,000 fewer people died prematurely due to fine particulate matter pollution in 2018, compared with 2009. For nitrogen dioxide, the reduction is even greater as premature deaths have declined by about 54 % over the last decade. The continuing implementation of environmental and climate policies across Europe is a key factor behind the improvements.

“The EEA’s data prove that investing in better air quality is an investment for better health and productivity for all Europeans. Policies and actions that are consistent with Europe’s zero pollution ambition, lead to longer and healthier lives and more resilient societies,” said Hans Bruyninckx, EEA Executive Director.

The report also notes that long-term exposure to air pollutants causes cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, which both have been identified as risk factors for death in COVID-19 patients. However, the causality between air pollution and severity of the COVID-19 infections is not clear and further epidemiological research is needed.


Source: ICE ECX London & Energy in Demand

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