The Carbon Market – 10.08.2016

The ICE exchange from London currently trades its as follows:

  • EUA spot:  € 4.79
  • EUA Dec ’16 futures: € 4.80
  • CER daily futures: € 0.41
  • Brent Crude Oct’16: $ 45.21

New Energy Storage Solutions

Last week, the German news magazine N-TV reported about a possible solution to the problem of energy storage. This is a key factor in energy policy, since, unlike coal and gas, which can be permanently converted to electricity, wind and sun are not continuously available. Here now the Norwegian start-up EnergyNest found a way to store the energy effectively. The German concern HeidelbergCement was also involved in the development. The result is a box-shaped module in container size, which can be assembled like Lego bricks with other units.

The CEO of EnergyNest, Christian Thiel, emphasized a special feature of the new storage medium: “Our technology is simple and inexpensive; it costs not more than one-third as much as a battery”  and he called the tested and working system “the missing link that enables us to use renewable energy more efficiently in the future.”

Source: N-TV, Germany

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