EU ETS News in June

EUAs climbed above €53 on Wednesday, 23.06.2021, gaining steadily for a third straight day as energy prices moved higher and buyers were not put off by a weaker auction result.

EU plans new social fund from expanded carbon market

The European Commission will create a ‘climate action social fund’ with revenues from an expanded carbon market if it decides to bring emissions from vehicles and buildings under the EU ETS, the bloc’s climate chief Frans Timmermans said. The discussions to include in the EU ETS the transport and building sectors are currently at the European Commission level.

Romania and Poland to start closing coal units from 2030

A leaked document from Brussels announced plans of Romania’s government to phase out coal till 2032.

Poland’s main utility, Belchatow, will start gradually closing lignite generation units at the largest emitting installation in the EU ETS from 2030, according to a draft plan published by the Lodz regional government Tuesday.

Germany targets EU aviation allocation in carbon price stance despite pandemic problems

Germany favours the rapid end to free EU carbon allowances for airlines, according to a leaked document, increasing the pressure on the sector as it slowly recovers from the pandemic.

Source: Carbon Pulse, London


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