The Carbon Market 12.02.2015

The ICE exchange from London opened up its operations:

  • EUA spot opened at € 7.28
  • EUA Dec 15 futures opened at € 7.35
  • CER spot contract opened at € 0.03
  • Brent Crude Front Month (March 2015) trades at $ 55.73
  • German Power Front Month trades (March 2015) at € 31.70

The International Carbon Market

China will launch in 2016 a national scheme for greenhouse gas emissions, which will be fully functional in 2019.

According to a Chinese official, Jiang Zhaoli, the carbon market in China will include six sectors of activity: steel, energy, nonferrous metals, chemicals, building materials and aviation, including companies in these areas with an yearly production of at least 26,000 t CO2.

Currently, China has in operation seven regional CO2 pilot system.

Source: Eco News

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