The Carbon Market


The carbon market closed down:

  • EUA spot closed at € 5,75
  • EUA DEC14 futures closed at € 5,79
  • CER futures contract Dec14 closed at € 0,14
  • Brent Crude Fronth Month trade at $ 114,37
  • German Power Front Month trade at € 32,75

Volutary Market News

The International Federation of Association Football has pledged to offsets all direct emissions from the World Cup, estimated at 59,200 tones of carbon dioxide (tCO2), and Brazil has encouraged private companies to purchase and donate offsets to help reduce some of the 1.4 million tCO2e or so indirect emissions from the tournament, mainly caused by plane travel.

So far, 11 companies – including the Brazilian subsidiaries of Solvay S.A., ArcelorMitall, and Bunge Limited – have stepped up to the plate, purchasing 420,500 t CO2, covering about a third of the World Cup’s total emissions.

Source: EcoSystem Market Place, Washington, 2014

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