The Carbon Market - 27.07.2017

The ICE exchange from London trades today, 27.07.2017, its CO2 tradings and Brent Crude as follows:

  • EUA spot:  € 5.10
  • EUA Dec ’17 futures: € 5.19
  • CER daily futures: € 0.23
  • Brent Crude futures Sept’17: $ 50.83

The European CO2 Market

With the start into the past trading week, the carbon market has interrupted its soaring flight, which started in mid-May. The price with it tested the rising support line just above the five-euro mark. In the past two months, the price had increased by around 1.35 EUR, so that the current correction fits well into the landscape. If, however, the price won’t find stable ground this week, a breakthrough down could consume a lot of the gained terrain. However, in the case that the support holds, a further, clear price increase is even possible in the direction of EUR 6.00.

Source: Advantag Brokerage Gmbh., Germany

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