The European Carbon Market – 14.11.2022

We present you below the main EU carbon market policy and market news from the first week of November:

  • After a lacklustre start to the week, EU Allowance prices continued to see daily price swings, trading over a €70.50 to €78 range last week;  and opening up today at €75.84/tCO2 at ICE ECX.
  • Despite the European Parliament vote on RePowerEU being broadly in line with expectations, EUAs prices fell sharply on Thursday morning to a week low of €70.50 before recovering to close at just over €73 the same day.
  • Dec-22 EUAs have rallied back today to over €76 at the time of writing, surprising given the analyst updates, but no doubt helped by reports of progress on the Fit for 55 reforms
  • The European Parliament voted on 10th November on the RePowerEU package ahead of trialogue talks later this month – supporting the sale of €20b EUAs but only by “front-loading” 2027-2030 auction sales, NOT form the MSR or Innovation fund as preferred by the EU Council & Commission.
  • In other policy news there appeared to be some agreement on a mechanism to manage price spikes (Article 29a) and the EU Parliament agreed to drop its proposal to restrict market access for non-compliance firms, instead pushing for increased market oversight by ESMA
  • A survey of 12 analysts by Carbon Pulse showed a 15% drop in forecasts compared to previous expectations – average EUA prices were forecast to be €70.85 by end 2022 and €76.90 over 2023

Source: the European Parliament, Strasbourg, ICE ECX & CF Partners, London

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