The CO2 Market 09.02.2021

The EU ETS Price

The price of the EUA certificate on the ICE ECX London opened this morning (09.02.2021) the EUA trade sessions at 38,10 €/tCO2.

EUAs continued their record-breaking rally into a fourth day on Monday in the last decade, with 39,80€ / tCO2, bolstered by higher energy prices as freezing conditions set in in parts of Europe and some observers predicted further gains for this week.

Exchange operator ICE announced today that it will relocate its EU carbon allowance trading from its London-based hub to the Netherlands in Q2 of this year due to Brexit-related limitations, it announced Monday.

ZF Live: Romania is the last EU country on investments in the environment

In an interview with ZF Live, the founder of Carbon Expert, Casiana Fometescu, stated that “Romania is the last EU country on investments in the environment, although there was funding. The situation of industrial polluting companies is a dramatic one, because they have to buy over 2 million carbon certificates by the end of April, each with a price of 38 euros”

You can watch the full interview in Romanian here :

For more information on Romania’s situation compared to other European countries on pollution in recent years, as well as the percentage of revenues from CO2 certificate auctions in every EU country and invested in environmental projects, you can access the European Commission Report “2020 EU Climate Action Progress Report 2020“.

Source: ICE ECX, Carbon Pulse & Bloomberg, London & Ziarul Financiar

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