The CO2 Market 03.11.2015

The ICE exchange from London currently trades as follows:

  • EUA spot:  € 8.57
  • EUA Dec ’15 futures: € 8.69
  • CER Dec ’15 futures closed: € 0.63
  • Brent Crude spot: $ 46.57
  • German Power ‘2016: € 29,25

The European Carbon Market EU ETS

Carbon market throughout the past month of October proved to be very bullish. The price of European allowances increased week after week, reaching thereby a few times new three-year highs. With a peak of 8.71 euros for the December contract this was also the case in the past week, but overall the uptrend slowed somewhat.

If we will see in the coming days a correction at the market, it could push the price back to a level above 8.50 euros. However, according to recent experience, the correction could well turn out even more moderate. If on the other hand the bullish trend continues, the line of 8.80 euros could be overcome in the foreseeable future.

The rise in prices logically had a positive effect on the auction proceeds. Thus, for example, Germany made with their auction last Friday (with an unchanged sales volume) an increase of more than two million euros revenue than a month ago. Romania will auction in 2015 25,395,500 EUAs in weekly installments of approximately 560,000 EUAs.

Source: Advantag Brokerage Gmbh. and EEX., Leipzig

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