The CO2 and Energy Market – 14.02.2017

A little more exciting than in the past few weeks, it could soon become in the European carbon market. Although there are no significant external influences, the CO2 chart is actually moving towards a decision. Since the beginning of 2017, the price has only moved sideways, but the range lately is getting smaller and smaller.

There must therefore be an outbreak in the near future, but still unknown, in which direction. It is interesting to note that the most important energy indices, namely oil, gas, electricity and coal, have a nearly identical chart situation.

In the opinion of market observers, therefore, a quite significant price change could be imminent.

The ICE exchange from London currently trades CO2 credits and Brent Crude as follows:

  • EUA spot:  € 5.02
  • EUA Dec ’17 futures: € 5.03
  • CER daily futures: € 0.28
  • Brent Crude futures May’17: $ 56.43

Source: Advantag Brokerage Gmbh, Germany

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