The Carbon Market 27.08.2014

The ICE exchange from London closed up its operations on August 27:

  • EUA spot closed at € 6.33
  • EUA DEC14 futures closed at € 6.39
  • CER futures contract Dec14 closed at € 0.18
  • Brent Crude Fronth Month trade at $ 102.2
  • German Power Front Month trade at € 34.45

European Carbon Market

A lacklustre weak continues for CO2 prices, news that the ENVI committee agenda will not see CO2 market reform actively addressed before the end of September brought some weakness to EUA prices yesterday and again this morning. Auctions remain well bid, and the Dec 14 EUA remains within its current range, trading largely sideways. We continue to believe that CO2 prices can go up in the next month, though much will depend on political signals driving market sentiment toward the timing of the implementation of the MSR (Market Stability Reserve).

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