The Carbon Market – 24.08.2022

We would like to announce the launch for public consultation of the RED Carbon Standard, which aims to be a robust and transparent code of rules and principles, so that as many green projects as possible from our country, but also from abroad, can be certified and obtain carbon certificates.

In this difficult period, in which the European legislation in the field of CO2 emissions does not provide for major changes in the sense that Brussels could promote a unitary legislation, which would offer the possibility for companies to obtain carbon credits for energy efficiency projects, renewable energy, forestry or those that invest in sustainable agriculture and because we don’t see this possibility in the coming years, we thought of being useful to local companies, more and more interested in implementing various projects that reduce carbon emissions.

This is how the Restart Energy Democracy Carbon Standard was born, which aims to certify green projects carried out by private companies, NGOs, local communities and give value to their sustainable work by issuing carbon certificates. Please access the weblink page of the public consultation and let us know your feedback:

Advantages of the RED Carbon Standard and Platform

The RED Carbon Standard and Platform are distinguished from other standards by a number of factors such as:

·       faster and cheaper process of certification

·       all processes are tested to offer an enhanced user experience;

·       everyone, individuals and companies, regardless of their country of origin can be rewarded with carbon credits for their green actions and projects;

·       franchises will guide users through the process if they need information at any time;

·       robust, transparent and safe Registry on blockchain

·       offering an easy-to-use platform, that can be accessed in the web version or by downloading the app on your smartphone;

·       blockchain is transparent, accessible and will hold information of all transactions public.

RED Carbon Standard aims to combine technological advancements with highly specialized expertise in order to give value to green projects on all aspects (carbon, social, community benefits, SDGs).

Projects Eligible for Certification

The Projects registered under the RED Carbon Standard shall meet the International Panel for Climate Change emission categories, as follows:

1.    Energy (renewables, energy efficiency etc.)

2.    Industrial Processes

3.    Other Product Use

4.    Agriculture

5.    Forestry and Other Land Use

6.    Waste

7.    Others

Project developers are encouraged to send their queries for certification with RED Carbon Standard to:




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