The Carbon Market 10.11.2015

The ICE exchange from London currently trades as follows:

  • EUA spot:  € 8.35
  • EUA Dec ’15 futures: € 8.40
  • CER Dec ’15 futures closed: € 0.63
  • Brent Crude spot: $ 47.24
  • German Power ‘2016: € 28,87

The European CO2 Market

A newly released report has found the waste sector has a key role to play in the development of a low carbon economy and the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHGs). This report comes in advance of the UN Climate Conference in Paris, which will take place in December.

The report was commissioned by Zero Waste Europe, in partnership with Zero Waste France and ACR+. The report finds that the role of waste prevention and improved waste management can play in reducing GHG emissions and the development of a low carbon economy has previously been significantly understated, partly due to the structure of the national inventories of the UNFCCC.

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