Putting a Price on Carbon 2.09.2014

Carbon Expert is pleased to announce that our organization has recently expressed support for a high-profile effort led by the World Bank Group that calls on governments and business leaders to support a price on carbon.

By supporting the “Putting a price on Carbon” statement, we joined a growing coalition of leaders worldwide speaking out for action on climate change. We encourage you to join us and be counted as a supporter.

A carbon price provides a necessary signal for investment in low-carbon and resilient economic growth. Regardless of the mechanism used, carbon pricing needs to be part of any package of policies to scale up climate change mitigation. Carbon pricing also improves the efficiency of the economy, allowing for increased government investments or tax reductions in other areas. As you may know, without a price on carbon, getting the response needed across the private sector will be difficult.

Through the statement, governments and companies will jointly announce their support for a price on carbon at the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit on 23 September and encourage others to join.

To signal your support for the statement, please visit the World Bank Group website at:

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