High Tech Ceramics (HTC) – Technology made in Germany that reduces gas consumption and CO2 emissions with more than 10%

We would like to introduce you to the HTC technology produced and used in Germany for 10 years, tested by TÜV and GWI (Gaswärme Institut e.V. Essen) that can improve the fuel consumption of your production activities and, implicitly, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the ways to obtain hot water and heat is through boilers that use different types of energy. Thus, consumers want to save this energy, and this technology meets this need.

HTC technology saves energy in boilers for generating hot water and process steam through the heat accumulator at high temperatures.  Through the structure and construction of the ceramics, the hot gases are brought closer to the wall of the combustion chamber, improving the heat transfer. Recirculation of hot gases on incandescent ceramics leads to optimization of combustion and a reduction of emissions.

HTC ceramics store the energy of the flame and finally return it to the system through the radiation of fixed bodies. By the alternating action between the ceramics heat accumulator and the hot water of the boiler, this one cools more slowly  and reaches its operating temperature faster when starting (“Hot start”).

As a result, the burner must work less, the gas consumption being reduced by more than 10%, depending on the type of boiler, and reduces the greenhouse gas emissions, which are produced by combustion.

Poza HTC

For more information on this technology and how you can test the compatibility with your boilers system, you can contact us at or 00 40 746 231 024.

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