The Carbon Market 28.11.2018

The ICE exchange from London closed yesterday, 27.11.2018, its trading operations on CO2 and energy, as follows:

  • EUA Dec ’18 futures: € 19.65
  • CER Dec ’18 futures: € 0.28
  • Brent Crude Jan’19 futures: $ 60.75

Today’s price action provided further evidence that the market is beginning to slow down ahead of the end of the year and the expiry of the December contracts. EUAs closed down 0.9% at €19.65. In addition, the EU Council approval of the Brexit withdrawal agreement appears to have calmed some nerves, but the outcome of ratification in the UK parliament is by no means certain, and surprises may yet disturb the market.

In our opinion, there is no trend in place, other than very high volatility, and prices are likely to continue to fluctuate very widely for the next two to three weeks. EU carbon prices will rise by at least 60% to above €30 early next year as the onset of the MSR squeezes the market, analysts predict.

Regional and International Meetings

In the framework of the Three Seas Initiative – a European debate forum comprising 12 countries from Central and Eastern Europe, with the exit to the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, our CO2 international expert, Dr. Casiana Fometescu, was invited to represent Romania at the conference “COP24 and the Future of Climate Policy: What is the Role of the Three Seas Initiative”, organized in Poland, last week. On this occasion, Casiana Fometescu held in Warsaw on 22nd November 2018 a presentation titled “Romania’s Climate and Energy on the Path to the 2030  and 2050 EU Targets Achievment”. If you wish to receive the presentation, please contact us at

At the same time, Casiana Fometescu will represent us at the UN Climate Change Conference and Summit, organized in Katowice/Poland, from 2nd to 14th December 2018.


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