Expertise in CO2 Transactions

We constantly study national and international legislation, international market evolution (greenhouse gas emissions, the energy market, the voluntary carbon market), analyze the needs of market operators and recommend to our customers according to their specific needs potential internal and external partners according to their needs.

We trade greenhouse gas emissions credits or CO2 allowances ( EUAs, EUAAs, CERs and ERUs ) and voluntary carbon credits.

Voluntary Emissions Projects

We develop specific documentations for voluntary greenhouse gas emissions reductions, according to documents conceived by the United Nations and international standard organizations.

Compensate the Carbon Footprint

We help companies analyze their CO2 emissions footprint and offset these emissions by investing in sustainable development projects. Reducing the carbon footprint will be instrumental to the image of your business and will increase your corporate social responsibility.

Consultancy in greenhouse gas emissions, energy market and international voluntary market

We offer consultancy services to Romanian operators who deals with CO2 emissions or would like to certify voluntary greenhouse gas emissions reduction projects.

We assist foreign partners who wish to address Romanian carbon and energy markets.

CO2 Calculator